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Real estate decisions are deeply personal. But it’s easy to forget this when ‘making the sale’ is the top priority. The John Cooper Group was created for exactly this reason; as an antidote to ‘pushy’ salesman syndrome. We partner with you to achieve your definition of the ideal outcome. As a client, you should expect the same level of professionalism from us that you would demand from any high-stakes business relationship. You should require an expert level of insight and a strategic, thoughtful approach every step of the way.  

Vancouver Island is a dream real estate destination: affordable, yet rich in natural beauty,  community, and connectivity. As passionate Islanders, we love nothing more than working with clients who share this excitement. Our goal is to partner with you to find your version of the perfect lifestyle; one where you can achieve your real estate goals, find balance and pursue your passions. 

They work as a team 100% and you will always have the best experience.